About BHCA

Who We Are

If you are a bank owner, the Bank Holding Company Association is the right organization for you. Whether your ownership consists of a few shares or 100 percent, you will find BHCA membership delivers unique value to bank owners like you.

Our Mission

The Bank Holding Company Association exists to provide education and business connections critical to the vitality of bank holding companies.

Our Events

Members receive discounted registration fees on all BHCA events: Our annual Spring and Fall Seminars, our one-day boot-camp seminars, and our digital symposium.

The BHCA seminars consistently deliver informative presentations from industry experts, consultants and analysts. They educate as well as entertain. Break-out sessions give seminar participants the opportunity to go in-depth on very specific topics to bank owners, such as succession planning, tax issues, merger and acquisition preparation, legal/accounting issues and more.



Get access to other bank owners.

One of the most valuable features of our seminars is the opportunity to visit with other bank owners between scheduled presentations.


Appreciate our regional focus.

With holding company members from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois, the BHCA brings together bank owners, directors and officers with common regional interests, but if you don't want to talk to a competitor, you can always find similarly-situated members from outside your holding company's trade area.


Gain access to regulators.
Gain access to experts.

BHCA frequently hosts events featuring repre- sentatives from the Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and state regulatory agencies.

What People Say About Us


"[The BHCA Seminars] are very affordable conferences with relevant and timely subject matter issues, and have become a very relevant and valuable networking event for me."

- Randy L. Newman, Chairman, CEO & President - Alerus Financial


"The biggest benefit to being a BHCA member is the ability to interact with bank owners and vendors on common topics of interest in formal and informal settings. Members get the benefit of a large peer group of fellow bank owners who have the same challenges."

- Michael J. Finley, President - Janesville Holding Company

Great forum for discussion

"The Bank Holding Company is an association of like-minded community bank ownership professionals which presents a forum for discussion of similar interests as well as providing a venue for industry sensitive information, education, and dialogue."

- Steven Wilcox, Wilcox Bancshares, Grand Rapids, Minn.

Serious, useful education

"Ideas we implemented from the seminars include mandatory retirement of both bank and holding company directors, general director responsibilities, audit and compliance committee ideas, and excellent presentations by economists over the years to assist us in funds management. And, of course, there is always the exchange of ideas with fellow bankers."

- Gary Paulson, First Holding Company, Park River, N.D.

Become a Member

Annual dues for the Bank Holding Company Association are affordable, and based on the asset size of your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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