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Webinar: How to Make the Most of Your Strategic Planning

  • 12 Nov 2014
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CST)
  • Online Webinar


Webinar: How to Make the Most of Your Strategic Planning

Presenter: David Saber of Wipfli

Price: $99 for Non-BHCA members and $59 for BHCA Members.

Many bankers and bank owners approach their annual strategic planning process with a lack of enthusiasm. They go through the motions only to produce a document that sits on the shelf until next year. Competitive pressure, however, is so significant in today’s banking environment that no bank owner or officer can afford to squander a strategic planning opportunity.

David Saber, director of strategic advisory services for Wipfli, will explain how to get the most of out the strategic planning process. Saber has extensive financial institution experience, working with boards of directors and executive management of family-owned to publicly traded financial institutions across the United States.

Saber believes strategic planning should result in sustained bottom line performance and should be the highest yielding annual investment a financial institution makes. The planning process will help you focus energy on clearly aligned goals, and assess whether the path you are on continues to make sense in light of current conditions. This one-hour webinar will provide the details for putting such a planning process in place.


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