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Asset Size Thresholds for Supervision of Holding Companies By Leanne Kelly 
[Winter 2018]

Change in Bank Control Act: What Triggers the Need? By Linda Anderson [Autumn 2018]

Recent developments in noninterest income at commercial banks [Summer 2018]

Tips for filing applications and notices By Darcey Quist [Also seen in Bank Owner Spring 2018]


Use E-Apps to submit applications electronically to the Federal Reserve By Julie Randall [Winter 2017]

Addressing a Proposed Business Plan within an Application or Notice By Zachary Lundquist [Autumn 2017]

Fed. Reserve Requirements for Bank Holding Company Boards... By Leanne Kelly [Summer 2017]

Observations of Merger & Acquisition Activity and Pricing By Zachary Lundquist [Spring 2017]


BHCs can hold real estate, but there are considerations By Steve Mumm [Winter 2016]

Information Fed Expects When Reviewing Requests By Leanne R. Kelly [Autumn 2016]

Complete and accurate filings aid timely processing By Zachary Lundquist [Summer 2016]

Shareholder Agreement Considerations By Julie Randall  [Spring 2016]


Fed. Reserve permits holding companies to engage in some... (part 2) By Julie Randall [Winter 2015]

Community Reinvestment Act and Consumer Compliance Considerations in Applications  By Dorothy Rich [Autumn 2015]

Federal Reserve permits holding companies to engage in some non-banking activities By Julie Randall [Summer 2015]

Competitive Analysis in the Applications Process By Daniel Hanger [Spring 2015]


Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Applications By Daniel Hanger [Winter 2014]

Talking Taxes: New Addendum to the Interagency Policy Statement on Income Tax Allocations By Leanne Kelly [Autumn 2014]

Enhancing Transparency in the Applications Process By Julie Randall [Summer 2014]

Basel III: Implications for Bank Holding Companies By Daniel R. Hanger [Spring 2014]


Federal Reserve Bank analysis of parent-company-only financial statements By Michelle Weatherson, Paul Ljung and Kathy Mai-Vu [Winter 2013]

Several factors guide Fed’s analysis of capital distributions By Stephanie Weber [Autumn 2013]

Consider these guidelines when conducting affiliate transactions By Leanne R. Kelly {Summer 2013]

Change in Bank Control Act: What you need to know By Steve Mumm [Spring 2013]

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